Hello, bookphiles

Hello, bookphiles

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1. Wallace, Doreen. 1941. English Lakeland, 2nd ed. London: B.T. Batsford
Ltd. illus. photos. fine with dust jacket, viii+pp120. $15

2. Sinclair, Upton. 1958. It Happened to Didynuc. New York: Sagamore
Press Inc. 1st ed. fine, dust jacket, pp151. $15

3. Hastings, Max. 1984 Overlord D-Day and the Battle for Normandy. 1st
ed. fine to mint. pp368, $24

4. Jung, Carl g. ed. 1964 Man and His Symbols, large size, pp320, v.good
to fine, dust jacket. $18

5. Arabian Nights, Stories Told by Schech Rarade, illus. by Edmund Dulac.
New York: Abaris Books, large size, fine to mint, pp173, dust jacket $15

6. Reader's digest 1971. In Search of Canada. 1st ed. fine, pp319, large
size, dust jacket. $15

7. alsop, Joseph, 1982. FDR, A Centenary Rememberance, large size, very
good, pp256, dust jacket, plenty of photos. $17

8.Teacher, Lawrence and R.e. Nicholls ed. 1981. The Unbridged Jack
London. Philadelphia: Running Pressing, 5th printing, xiii+pp1143, mint,
dust jacket. $25

9--10 sold

11. Buck, Pearl S. 1931. the Good Earth. New York: the John Day Company,
pp375, good. $25

12. Cameron, K.W. 1996. Emerson's Philosophical Path to a Vocation.
Hartford: Transcendental Books, pp162, mint. $15

13. Deighton, Len, 1989 Spy Line. London: Hutchinson. pp316, mint, dust
jacket. $19

14. Browne, C.  Casualty, A Memoir of Love & War. New YorK: W.W.Norton,
1981.1st ed. mint. $12.95

15. Vrettos, Theodore  Lord Elgin's Lady  Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1982.
mint $15

16. McCullough, C.  A Creed for The Third Millennium  Cambridge, etc:
Harper & Row, 1985. 1st ed. Mint. $29.00

17. Dwyer, A. Into the Amazon, Chico Mendes and the Struggle for the Rain
Forest Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1990. mint. onwer signiture on inside
hard cover.$20

18. Cronin, A.J.  The Judas Tree  Boston. Toronto: Little, Brown, 1961.
VG to fine. s;ight edge wear of dust jackat, dust jacket slightly
crumbled. $12

19. Beauman, S. Destiny  Toronto etc: Bantman Books, 1987. fine to
mint.owner signiture on inside front cover, slight edgwear of dust cover
at bottom spine $15

20. Hailey, A. The Money Changers  New York: Doubleday, 1975. fine to
mint. no dust cover, yellow hard cover. $15

21. The Complete Works of Alfred Tennyson. Illus. edi. New York: R.
Worthington, 1881. Good. hinges loose, edgewear . $35

22. Wood, Mrs. Henry Mildred Akell. Philadelphia: T.B. Peterson &
Brothers, 1865. Good, edgewear, spine edge tear. $35

23. Richter's Mannuel of Harmony, A Practical Guide to Its Study,
translated from German 8th edition. Boston: Oliver Ditson & Company,
1873. Very good to fine. $25