FS: Autographed copies of ERROL FLYNN biography

FS: Autographed copies of ERROL FLYNN biography

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                         My Days with Errol Flynn
                by Buster Wiles & William Donati

The autobiography of legendary stuntman Buster Wiles.
Wiles met Flynn on the set of CAPTAIN ***, and they became close
friends until Flynn's death in Vancouver in 1959. Wiles refutes the
lies published in ERROL FLYNN: THE UNTOLD STORY.

Was Errol Flynn a Nazi spy?  William Donati investigates the
controversy. His expose of Charles Higham's fraudulent book is
shocking. Included is Donati's interview with Dr. Hermann F. Erben.

First edition copy (1988). Sixty Photographs.

To purchase, send $30 to:

                           William Donati
                          1725-B Madison Avenue, Suite 3
                          Memphis, TN 38104

U.S. orders only please. Price includes shipping.

Early orders will receive two photos of Buster Wiles and publicity
material. All books will be personally inscribed by author William
Donati. Quantities are limited.
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