The Auction Network

The Auction Network

Post by Mike Carvil » Mon, 16 Feb 1998 04:00:00


My name is Mike Carville and I run the Auction Network.
We are an online auction website. We have a unique style
at our site which is very helpful for the auctioneers.

We deal in all areas of collectibles, but have been most successful
with sports and beanies.

My aim is to change that. First of all, the first auction at
our site is free. After that we have low monthly rates, with NO percentages
of sales. What I am interested in doing is making deals with auctioneers
in new areas to our site. We also have an Ebay style Auction Board,
which charges per item up for auction. We are currently starting out
new accounts with $50m free auction money.

You can check out our site and our package here:

There is a place to create an account for free at:

There is no obligation of course. I am not asking you to change
the places you currently sell at...just add ours. If you decide to stay
I will be offering (privately) the old rates from last year, which
are roughly half of what we are charging now.

We also have referral plan, where you can get a check for referring
business to us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We will help you out in
any way we can, including phone support if you want to call!

Good luck and happy selling...

Mike Carville
The Auction Network