Peanuts (French collections)

Peanuts (French collections)

Post by JQAI » Sun, 25 Jan 1998 04:00:00

All have 1.50 cover price and were "discards" from a local school library.
They have the following "defects"...  

card cat. # taped along spine or on back cover, card pocket on inside bc,
school stamp on a few pages and along pg. edges, minor writing on first few
pgs. (cat. # and "copy 1".)

The covers are a bit scuffed but the pages are in nice condition.

Reviens, Snoopy  (Snoopy, Come Home)    1969    both gd/vgd cond,  1 has taped
# on spine, card pocket removed

Ca ne va pas, C. Brown (You Need Help, CB)      1970    gd cond., card pocket

Tu es dans le vent, C. Brown  (You're Something Else CB)1972    vg/fn- cond,
taped # on spine

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