X-Files CCG Trade/Sell Send Offers

X-Files CCG Trade/Sell Send Offers

Post by Benjamin L » Mon, 11 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hi, I'm looking to sell or trade the X-Files CCG cards listed below.  I
am looking to sell the rares and trade the promos for cards I need to
complete my sets, so please send offers!

I need: X (UR), Men in Black(UR), Fighter Interceptor (promo)
        Smoke and Mirrors 2&3 (promos)

Hope you find something you need.


PR97-0999       Deny Everything                        
PR97-0009       Blue Plate Special              

Alex Krycek Starter Deck (banded cards only)            
Alex Krycek Starter Deck (banded cards only)            

XF97-0005a      Fast Strike                              
XF97-0005b      Fast Strike                            
XF97-0006       Sneak Attack                            
XF97-0012a      Nerve Strike
XF97-0012b      Nerve Strike
XF97-0012c      Nerve Strike
XF97-0012d      Nerve Strike
XF97-0013       Webbed                                  
XF97-0015a      Spin Kick                              
XF97-0015b      Spin Kick
XF97-0015c      Spin Kick
XF97-0016a      Mind Control                            
XF97-0016b      Mind Control
XF97-0016c      Mind Control
XF97-0018       Block and Attack                        
XF97-0021a      Disarm
XF97-0021b      Disarm
XF97-0028a      ***Hold
XF97-0028b      ***Hold
XF97-0029a      Fast Draw                              
XF97-0029b      Fast Draw
XF97-0032       Handcuff                                
XF97-0033a      Illusionary Foe
XF97-0035a      Terminal Damage                        
XF97-0035b      Terminal Damage
XF97-0041a      Energy Strike                          
XF97-0041b      Energy Strike
XF97-0055a      NE Georgetown Med Center Washington, DC
XF97-0055b      NE Georgetown Med Center Washington, DC
XF97-0057       New York City, NY                      
XF97-0060       Deadhorse, AK                          
XF97-0067       UFO Wreckage, Townsend, WI              
XF97-0070       Church of Red Museum, Delta Glen, WI    
XF97-0076       Aleister Crowley HS, Milford Haven, NH  
XF97-0077       Los Angeles, CA
XF97-0104       Laser Barrier                          
XF97-0169a      Fox Mulder (from Starter Deck)          
XF97-0169b      Fox Mulder (from Starter Deck)                  
XF97-0173a      Dana Scully (from Starter Deck)        
XF97-0173b      Dana Scully (from Starter Deck)        
XF97-0185       Dr. Blockhead                          
XF97-0186       The Thinker                            
XF97-0191       Dr. Diamond                            
XF97-0197a      The Calusari    
XF97-0197b      The Calusari
XF97-0203a      Samantha Mulder                        
XF97-0203b      Samantha Mulder                
XF97-0204a      Max Fenig                              
XF97-0204b      Max Fenig
XF97-0204c      Max Fenig
XF97-0213a      Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt
XF97-0213b      Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt
XF97-0213c      Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt
XF97-0213d      Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt
XF97-0217a      Daniel Trepkos                          
XF97-0217b      Daniel Trepkos
XF97-0219a      Luther Lee Boggs                        
XF97-0219b      Luther Lee Boggs
XF97-0220       Sen. Richard Matheson                  
XF97-0226       Road Trip
XF97-0240       Surfing the Net                        
XF97-0241a      Gov't Sanctioned Pheromone Experiments
XF97-0241b      Gov't Sanctioned Pheromone Experiments
XF97-0241c      Gov't Sanctioned Pheromone Experiments
XF97-0242a      Thorough Documentation
XF97-0242b      Thorough Documentation
XF97-0251       Skinner Adopts The Company Line
XF97-0252a      Safe House                              
XF97-0252b      Safe House
XF97-0257       Unexplainable Time Loss (slight scratches)
XF97-0261       Dark Forces Align                      
XF97-0262a      Computer Access Denied                  
XF97-0262b      Computer Access Denied
XF97-0262c      Computer Access Denied
XF97-0262d      Computer Access Denied
XF97-0262e      Computer Access Denied
XF97-0265a      Krycek, the Double Agent                
XF97-0265a      Krycek, the Double Agent
XF97-0267a      Authorized Access Only                  
XF97-0271a      Alien Discretion
XF97-0271b      Alien Discretion
XF97-0273a      Trust No One
XF97-0273b      Trust No One
XF97-0274a      Lula Phillips
XF97-0274b      Lula Phillips
XF97-0274c      Lula Phillips
XF97-0274d      Lula Phillips
XF97-0279a      Application for FBI Resources Approved
XF97-0279b      Application for FBI Resources Approved
XF97-0285a      Deductive Reasoning
XF97-0285b      Deductive Reasoning
XF97-0286a      Grid Pattern Search                    
XF97-0286b      Grid Pattern Search
XF97-0286c      Grid Pattern Search
XF97-0294       Assigned to the X-Files
XF97-0297a      A Friend in the FBI                    
XF97-0297b      A Friend in the FBI                    
XF97-0297c      A Friend in the FBI
XF97-0303a      Evasive Maneuvers
XF97-0303b      Evasive Maneuvers
XF97-0304a      Frohike
XF97-0304b      Frohike
XF97-0308a      Samuel Hartley                          
XF97-0308b      Samuel Hartley
XF97-0309       True Grit
XF97-0315       Medi-Kit
XF97-0322a      Taped Intelligence
XF97-0322b      Taped Intelligence
XF97-0325       Hospital Crash Cart
XF97-0326a      Cellular Phone                          
XF97-0326b      Cellular Phone
XF97-0327a      Symbol of Faith
XF97-0327b      Symbol of Faith
XF97-0327c      Symbol of Faith
XF97-0329a      Shotgun                                
XF97-0329b      Shotgun
XF97-0337a      Alien Bounty Hunter    
XF97-0337b      Alien Bounty Hunter
XF97-0338       The Host Attacks
XF97-0342a      ***                              
XF97-0342b      ***                              
XF97-0342c      ***
XF97-0349a      Operation Falcon Blue Berets    
XF97-0349b      Operation Falcon Blue Berets
XF97-0352       The Manitou Stalks His Prey            
XF97-0355a      John Barnett Links You to Mulder        
XF97-0355b      John Barnett Links You to Mulder        
XF97-0357       Leonard
XF97-0358       F. Emasculta Outbreak                  
XF97-0359       The Evil One                            
XF97-0363       Injured Relative
XF97-0364a      Explosion                              
XF97-0364b      Explosion
XF97-0364c      Explosion
XF97-0364d      Explosion
XF97-0365a      Lock Pick      
XF97-0365b      Lock Pick
XF97-0365c      Lock Pick
XF97-0373       Assassinated                    
XF97-0374a      Security Clearance
XF97-0374b      Security Clearance              
XF97-0375a      Dr. Joe Ridley                  
XF97-0375b      Dr. Joe Ridley
XF97-0375c      Dr. Joe Ridley
XF97-0375d      Dr. Joe Ridley
XF97-0377       Meet Brother Andrew            
XF97-0380       Women's Health Clinic Richville, MD
XF97-0381       Tracking the Killer