Shi II gold, Land of the Giants test & more

Shi II gold, Land of the Giants test & more

Post by Mark Macalus » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

Bone scetch card...$600.00
Phantom PZ1 card from Dynamic - very scarce...$300.00.
Phantom PZ4 card from Intrepid - very scarce...$200.00.
8 Roy Rogers cards from Sugar Crisp Cereal.
     Includes 2 pair of 3D glasses nrmt...$150.00.
(14) - 3D cards from Nabisco Shredded Wheat
     Wild Animal Series - 2 dupes - nrmt... $100/lot.
     Also have several 2-card panels, #1/2, 3/4,
     5/6, 7/8. 13/14, 15/16, 17/18....$20.00 each.
Matthew Richardson - *Pumped Up Down
     Under* redemption card.  This card is the
      #1card of 1000...$500.
Unredeemed Coke III redemption card
     #970 (no longer redeemable)...$300.00.
The Edge 3 phase lenticular checklist for
     Street Sharks (+/- 100 made)...$300.00.
McDonalds set of 36 cards from bandaids.
     comes in 9 perforated & folded strips
     of 4. 1990 - very colorful...$59.00.
Marvel Masterpieces Captain America promo
     from Heroes World Magazine - rarest of the
Art de Bart card - #315 / 400...$500.00

     WORLD. This one is the ultimate. The Beatrix
     Potter Collection Redemption card - BPC1
     Only 25 of these babies were made. This
     one is #16 of 25. Has not been redeemed.
     It is from the Peter Rabbit set by Tempo.
     Remember, this card is roughly 10 times as
     rare as the *Honus* Wagner T206 card
     which sold recently for $400,000.00.  This
     beauty can be had fo only $2000.00.
Speaking of *Honus* Wagner, I have a Coke
     1st series (*Honus* Wagner) gold card #324
$100.00 Coke Sprint Phone Card promo given
     out at the 1995 16th National Baseball Card
     Show in St. Louis. These were randomly
     inserted in the promo packs handed to
     attendees at the show. It is unscratched and
     is numbered #19 of 21. Ultra rare...$1000.00.
Coke II Polar Bear gold card...$850.00.
Platinum Spawn Wizard card - only 100 made.
     Has platinum seal from Diamond Comics &
     has the gold Wizard seal also...$1000.00.
James Bond Inkworks - Roger Moore Platinum
     G2 card (+/- 50 made)...$750.00.
Top Cow*s Witchblade Signature 1 card signed
      by Michael Turner...$65.00.
Set of all 3 Witchblade autograph cards unsigned
     from uncut sheet...$200.00
Star Wars Insider Official Jedi Knight 1995
     membership card....$15.00.
1993 Scud the Disposable Assasin promo
     card signed by Rob Schrab...$15.00.
Marvel Motion - blank-back Venom card...$65.
Mars Attacks Zina Saunders autograph card...$85
1994 Cornerstone Dr Who card #74 - The 7th
     Doctor, signed by sylvester McCoy...$50.00.
Comic Images Rocky Horror promo card signed
     Richard Obrien (Riff Raff)...$45.00.
Shi II gold card #398 / 1000...$60.00.
Land of the Giants test issue card #7. Would be
     nrmt+ but for inch long hairline crease...$150.
AD & D hard to get cards. 1990 promos # 738 to
     745 & the oversize Dark Sun card # 746 + the
     #1 to17 from the Dragon Magazine...$100.00.
Gremlins II card #18 *Dr Catheter* - bust shot of
     and signed by Christopher Lee...$45.00.

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