Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Post by Non Sport Network-Mollie Witn » Fri, 15 Dec 2000 11:46:53

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one are where I 'hang' out?:)

Last week I complained about ebay's new rules. What is it with everyone? Is
this National Stupid Rules month?

Today I tried to pay someone with PayPal...

Seems one cannot use their charge card unless the "ship to" address is the same
as their "billing" address on their charge card.

When I phoned to explain my charge card is MY card and the billing address is
MY address while my shipping address is my BUSINESS address, the person on the
other end was, as usual, full of platitudes and of no help at all.

It seems, this is a new rule which will further assure sellers? Well tell me
something, why did I bother to open a business account and become a verified
customer? Supposedly, when one gives PayPal their checking account information,
they check with the bank to VERIFY the customer. So, now that's not good

I've sat idly through PayPal's two increases in rates. I've sat idly through
their ridiculous $2,000 maximum in 6-months limit and I've sat idly through the
constant changes in their site which has changed a simple procedure to a long
drawn out process but I'm not sitting through this inane rule.

What can y'all tell me about BillPoint? I hear they've lowered their rates. Is
payment procedure simple? Do they change their rules every other month?

Sorry to vent, I figured y'all would understand :)

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Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Post by xSaB » Fri, 15 Dec 2000 17:37:53

][ What can y'all tell me about BillPoint?

If you can tell me they accept International customers then I'll use them: until
that point Bidpay is the only viable alternative for us UK collectors to sell to
the US and overseas without the need to open international bank accounts...

You're right, they're hassly, but there are ways around the problem. I can't get
verification anyway as I'm UK-based...

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Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Post by RTJo » Wed, 20 Dec 2000 05:03:36

Yes, I went through the exact same situation with PayPal.  I even called PayPal
on my cel phone (it's free !).  Basically, what I was told was that this was to
stop stealers from having merchandise sent to another address---but that we
could write in the Message part to the seller where to ship it to & click that
feature that says "No shipping address required".  That way sellers were not
sent our billing address.
HELLO PAYPAL !!!   Did it ever occur to you that if WE can do that---then so
can a credit card hacker !!
All the rule does is punish the innocent buyers with 2 addresses-----& does
nothing at all whatsoever to stop the illegal users.

Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Post by JRRedd » Wed, 20 Dec 2000 05:57:02

I have a similar problem with paypal, but I seem to be wiinning. But now I use
billpoint and they dont give me any grief. Wished everyone was using it.

Unhappy PayPal customer needs info about BillPoint

Post by Freakcit » Wed, 20 Dec 2000 10:49:17

I have never used PAYPal, and I rarely use my billpoint, but I have NEVER had
any problems.  Billpoint allows you to send out invocies and pay them, on stuff
that is not even Ebay related.