Signature Rookies.....Problems.........Read this.........

Signature Rookies.....Problems.........Read this.........

Post by Dave Ro » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00


I write a column on card collecting for a daily paper in NC.  Have heard
some problems with getting back redeemed items from Signature Rookies.  I
have heard the "Company" line, all about the move, computer problems, not
enough trained help etc.

I also collect and have my own story about the wrong items being sent,
items being sent just for the fun of it and now I want your adventures
in collecting.

I am trying to gather research on the matter so I can relate this to
those that read my column.  No names will be used in anything that is
printed, I want some facts BOTH good and bad experiences on Sig Rookies.

Thanks...also please keep any replys to under 250 words, and tell me if
you will continue to buy the product, and some of the prices you are
seeing in your area.

Deadline for sending material is Thursday at 11 p.m.