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We advertise cards in this fashion.
       1.  Mailing list on the internet on a monthly basis or more if
       2.  A catalog that all dealers get to sell from.
       3.  A mailing list through the post office to approx. 1500
           people and growing.  You may contribute a mailing list to
           us that you would like to see us mail to also.  To
           advertise in this mailing we do require $100 a year fee or
           $20 a month, which ever you prefer.  This will help cover
       4.  We hand out the catalogs to customers at the shows and our
            currently working on other avenues to distribute the

            catalogs ie, card shops, grocery stores.

     What you need to do is give me a list of 100 cards/merchandise
that you want to sell.  Give me the lowest price you will go, this
will not include the 10% commission charge.  This price will go to the
dealers to sell from. Anything they sell over the price is profit to
them.  All we charge is 10% commission from the sell. The price we put
in the catalog that goes to our potential buyers is usually marked up
anywhere from 20% to 40% of your asking price, if this does not make
the item over priced.  We sell by providing the best value to the
customer, so always keep in mind to not to always ask for top
dollar.  Usually the lower price sells the best, due to the seller
makes $$$ and the customer gets a valuable item at a great price. As
you can see we have try to work something out that everybody makes a
profit and are happy.  We believe in total honesty and 100% customer
satisfaction. Please send me with your list of cards your full name,
address, and phone #. You may send your list either through e-mail or
regular mail, address below. Any questions please feel free  to ask or

Double JJ Sports
Jim Johnson
1704 Bader Ave
South Bend, In