Lady Death II Sets & Boxes, Evil Ernie Sets, Chases, Singles + More!

Lady Death II Sets & Boxes, Evil Ernie Sets, Chases, Singles + More!

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Now available for preorder Evil Ernie & Lady Death Comics & Collectibles!

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Payment is available by Check, Money Order, or Visa/Mastercard.

Scheduled to ship in October unless otherwise noted.
Pre-orders are due by August 12.

Chaos Bible
  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Lady Death and Evil Ernie
  and beyond. This tome of arcane knowledge features a comprehensive look at
  the comics, characters, and creators of Chaos! Comics through character
  profiles, interviews, articles, and much more. It's the perfect
  introduction to the world of Chaos! for new readers and an essential
  reference for hard-core Chaos! junkies. Included are glimpses at the
  upcoming Chaos! projects like Purgatori: The Vampire's Myth. Also, the
  little seen "Alien Evil" starring Evil Ernie, presented for the first
  time in color. Features a complete bibliography of all Chaos! Comics and
  limited editions. Contains the all-new "Root of All Evl" by Brian Pulido &
  Louis Smalls, Jr.
  40 pages, $3.50.

Evil Ernie: Revenge Trade Paperback
  Co-starring Lady Death. This volume collects Evil Ernie: Revenge #1-4
  with enough horrific action to wake the dead. 112 pages $12.95

Evil Ernie: Staright To Hell #1 Prologue-Wizard Ashcan, Only 1 left $1.50.

Evil Ernie: Straight To Hell #1
  Featuring a coffin-shaped cover by Steven Hughes. Comicdom's number one
  undead bad boy returns. Evil Ernie and Lady Death have been seperated for
  months and it's driving him insane. But the spell cast by Purgatori is
  severed and empowers the Evil One to journey "Straight to Hell". When he
  arrives, he finds Lady Death gone. Now he's on a mega-***ous rampage to
  find her, and heaven help the hideous demons and vile monsters that get in
  his way.
  24 pages, 1 of 5, $2.95.

Lady Death Beach Towel-Only one left in stock!
  Don't miss out on the first and only Lady Death Beach Towel from Chaos!
  Only $19.95.

Chaos Quarterly #1
  What would happen if the Chaos! crew got their hands on some of the
  coolest comics creators and let them loose on the world of Chaos!? The
  result: Chaos! Quarterly, an all-new, 48-page character-driven "Tales of
  Chaos!" series. In the first story by Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes, Lady
  Death tests the Nexus of All Things to see if she is still cursed never to
  return to Earth. In the second story, Pulido and Kirk (Vamp***a) Lindo
  find the vampiric Goddess of Judgement stranded in present-day San
  Francisco. In the third story by Christensen, Seifert, and Louis Smalls
  Jr, the Arch Dukes of Hell vie for Cremator's arcane weapon-making ability
  but Cremator has other, more sinister plans. Cover by Julie Bell.
  48 Pages, $4.95.  September

Lady Death: The Reckoning Trade Paperback
  The first Lady Death mini-series is collected in this full-color trade
  paperback. Also included is the hard-to-find Lady Death #1/2 and the 1994
  Lady Death Swimsuit Special #1. Learn how a young girl named Hope was
  transformed by insurmountable odds and tragic circumstances into Lady
  Death, the ravishing seductress of the netherworld.
  Softcover 7X10, 128 pages $12.95. September

Lady Death 1996 Calendar
  Lady Death graces the twelve months of this beautiful calendar, with art
  by Steven Hughes, Jim Balent, Joe Linser, and others.
  Measures 12X12 $12.95. September

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild Directors Cut #1
  The ultimate making of book for the Chaos! Comics reader. Look back at the
  creative process that gave life to Evil Ernie and Lady Death. Includes
  never-before-seen character development pages, script pages, layouts, a
  new introduction and more. Limited to only 15,000 copies.
  B&W 40 pages, $4.95. September

Evil Ernie: Straight To Hell Ashcan Preview #1
  Get a sneak preview at the new Evil Ernie mini-series as the new artist
  Justinano previews artwork, pages, developmental sketches, and more.
  B&W 24 pages, $1.50. September

Lady Death In Lingerie #1
  Lady Death, the ravishing seductress from the netherworld, returns in her
  first all ages Lingerie Special, featuring a wraparound cover and
  centerfold by Steven Hughes. The challenge for each contributor is to
  design some lingerie for the Lady. Contributors include: Steven Hughes,
  Jim Balent, Joe Quesada, Jospeh Linser, Buzz, and others including a few
  mystery artists and the winner of the Create a Lady Death Swimsuit Cover
  Cover price is $2.95, and this issue ships in August.

         Chromium Posters-Orders filled in the order I receive them.
Lady Death II Chromium Poster.
  Feed your walls with Amefica's premier bad girl, Lady Death. Presented in
  full 18" X 27" Chromium, this poster captures Lady Death at her best...or
  Price is $29.95, ships in August.

Lady Death I Chromium Poster
  The first ever Chromium poster of the premier bad girl, Lady Death, is
  still available in limited quantities. Poster is 18" X 27".
  Price is $29.95, will ship in August.

Evil Ernie VS. The Superheroes. $2.95-August.

In Stock: Lady Death #2 $4.50.
          Lady Death #4 $2.75.

Lady Death Series II Chromium Trading cards.
  The number one bad girl of 1994 is back again and hotter than heck!
  Lady Death returns with this prestigious all-chromium trading card
  series. Featuring artwork by Steven Hughes, Julie Bell, Jim Balent,
  Joseph Linser, Bill Tucci and others.
  Look for never-before-seen art featuring Lady Death by Steven Hughes,
  the first appearance of Lady Death's upcoming foes Ferra and Pandemonium,
  tryptic/gatefold cards by todays top Femme Fatale artists, and full-color
  card backs with delectable details on the Diva of Death herself.
  Chase cards include 5 incredible cards featurig the latest in chromium
  technology, a tryptic 3-card chase set by Jim Balent, and Brian
  Pulido/Steven Hughes autographed cards.

100-card sets, Preorder price $28.00 postage-paid.

Please ask for box prices.

Also available for preorder:

Cards Illustrated #23
  X-Files special, also includes a preview of the Lady Death II card series.

Combo #10
  This issue a Halloween special. Get the scoop on Chaos! Comics.
  Comes polybagged with a Lady Death Chromium II card.
  Cover by Steven Hughes. $4.99.

Currently in stock:
    Lady Death 90-Card Chromium Set-$35.00 (Only 1 Left).
    Lady Death Chase Card #1,3                               $10.00
    Lady Death Chase SET With Mystery Card                   $75.00
    Lady Death Single Cards .40c each, (Send Wantlist).
    Evil Ernie Series II Glow-In-the-Dark Chromium .40c each, (Send List).
    Evil Ernie Series II Chromium Set-$25.00 (Only 1 Left).
    Evil Ernie II Inserts C1                                 $10.00
    Evil Ernie II Insert C5                     Sale $6.00
    Evil Ernie Single Cards .25c each.

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