Lady Death-Comics, Cards, New Chromium Posters, Chromium Puzzle, & Statue!

Lady Death-Comics, Cards, New Chromium Posters, Chromium Puzzle, & Statue!

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Now available for preorder Evil Ernie & Lady Death Comics & Collectibles!

Preorders are due June 16.

Postage is extra.

Lady Death In Lingerie #1
Lady Death, the ravishing seductress from the netherworld, returns in her
first all ages Lingerie Special, featuring a wraparound cover and
centerfold by Steven Hughes. The challenge for each contributor is to
design some lingerie for the Lady. Contributors include: Steven Hughes,
Jim Balent, Joe Quesada, Jospeh Linser, Buzz, and others including a few
mystery artists and the winner of the Create a Lady Death Swimsuit Cover
Cover price is $2.95, and this issue ships in August.

         Chromium Posters-Orders filled in the order I receive them.
Lady Death II Chromium Poster.
Feed your walls with Amefica's premier bad girl, Lady Death. Presented in
full 18" X 27" Chromium, this poster captures Lady Death at her best...or
Price is $29.95, ships in August.

Lady Death II Holochrome Poster.
This poster is the same size and image as the above poster, but featured
in brilliant HoloChrome and is limited to only 5,000 posters.
Price is $35.00, ships in August and quantities will be limited.

Lady Death I Chromium Poster
The first ever Chromium poster of the premier bad girl, Lady Death, is
still available in limited quantities. Poster is 18" X 27".
Price is $29.95, will ship in August.

Lady Death Chromium Puzzle.
Now you and your friends can build the perfect beast...and beauty!
Each 500-piece puzzles measures 10" X 12" and is packaged in a special
collector's box with a free Lady Death Chromuim trading card.
Price is $25.00, ships in August.

Lady Death Limited Edition Sculpture.
Lady Death, comes to life in this breathtaking sculpture, painstakingly
crafted by Clayburn Moore. This full color cold cast resin sculpture
stands a mighty 12" tall, and is 1/8th scale. Comes with a wooden base and
a brass Lady Death name plate. This Chaos-quality collector's item will be
strictly limited to 3,200 individually hand painted and numbered
sculptures. Comes in a full color collector's box.
Price is $175.00, ships in August.

Purgatori Poster #1.
Purgatori, the vampiric goddess of judgement and the surprise villain of
the smash Lady Death limited series, is ready to wake the dead in this
24" X 35" full color poster, as rendered by Jim Balent.
Price is $5.95, ships in August.

Evil Ernie VS. The Superheroes- Evil Ernie is severely abused by his
father and mother, both of whom are retired superheroes. They want Ernie
to be a *** sidekick, but Ernie thinks superheroes arre geeks. Embarassed
that their son has no super-abilities, they take him to Dr. Price for an
attitude adjustment. But the treatment backfires and gives rise to Evil
Ernie! This "What If..." storyline ties directly into Evil Ernie
continuity! Cover and centerfold by Steven Hughes.

The price for this issue is $2.95, and it's scheduled to ship in July.

Also available for preorder: Lady Death #3-$2.75, #4-$2.75.

Wizard Magazine #49
Includes an exclusive Evil Ernie mini-comic!
Price is $4.55.

Currently in stock Lady Death #2-$2.75,
                   Evil Ernie Revenge #1 List $6.00, Sale $3.00.
    Lady Death 90-Card Chromium Set-$35.00 (Only 1 Left).
    Lady Death Chase Card #1,3 -$10.00 each.
    Lady Death Single Cards .35c each, (Send Wantlist).
    Evil Ernie Single Cards .25c each.
    Evil Ernie Arena Magazine Sealed Promo Numbered #238 $15.00.

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