MTG STronghjold\Mirage Auction 5 MINS BID BID BID

MTG STronghjold\Mirage Auction 5 MINS BID BID BID

Post by keis.. » Wed, 24 Jun 1998 04:00:00

There's only five min. left bid bid bid

Hello, This is a auction of cards from the Stronghold and Mirage sets.
There will be other auctions in the future for other sets. Now a few
basic rules:

1. The Auction will start on Monday June 15 at 8:00PM EST and end on
Tuesday June 23 at 10:00PM EST, no bids will be excepted after then.
2. In the case of a tie for a bid during the auction, I will take the
email I received first to be the highest bidder.
3. I reserve the right to, at any time, remove any card from the
4. Bids will only be excepted via email, no postings via the newsgroup
will be excepted.
5. The lowest bid increment that will be excepted will be $0.25 and the
highest $1.00, I will not except buy-out offers on any cards.
6. When you win a card(s) at the end of the auction, you must send a
check or money order for the full amount in American currency plus
shipping. Shipping charges will be determined on how many cards you win.
Shipping to continental US addresses only.
7. The minimum bid to start out is behind the name of the card in ( )
8. I will post updates twice a day, every day.
9. All cards are Mint\Near Mint, and will be shipped in protective

Thank You, and good luck to all bidders.



Wall of Souls (.50)
Mortuary (1.25)
Mind Peel (.50)
Stronghold Taskmaster (.25)
Corrupting Licid (.25)
Skeleton Scavengers (2.00)
Megrim (.75)

Temper (.75)
Contemplation (.25)

Scapegoat (.25)

Gliding Licid (.25)
Ransack (.25)

Walking Dream (.25)
Hesitation (.50)
Mask of the Mimic (.50)
Thalakos Deceiver (1.75)                        $1.75  

Invasion Plans (1.75)
Wall of Razors (.25)
Heat of Battle (.50)
Convulsing Licid (.25)

Fanning the Flames (.50)                        $0.75  

Primal Rage (.25)                               $0.25  

Constant Mists (.50)

Volrath's Gardens (1.25)

Carnassid (2.25)
Tempting Licid (.25)


Sword of the Chosen (1.25)
Bullwhip (.25)
Heartstone (.50)
Horn of Greed (1.50)

Spined Sliver (.25)


Spirt of the Night (4.00)                       $4.50   MOHN
Mire Shade (.25)
Soul Rend (.25)
Dread Specter (.25)
Kaervek's Hex (.25)
Painful Memories (.25)

Illumination (.25)
Vigilant Martyr (.25)
Zhalfirin Commander (.25)

Hakim, Loreweaver (1.75)                        $1.75  

Psychic Transfer (2.25)

Aleatory (.25)
Volcanic Geyser (1.00)
Torrent of Lava (1.75)
Telim 'Tor (1.25)                               $1.25  

Goblin Scouts (.25)
Choasphere (2.25)
Dwarven Miner (.75)                     $0.75  

Worldly Tutor (.50)
Unseen Walker (.25)
Hall of Gemstone (2.25)                 $2.25  

Superior Numbers (.25)
Fallow Earth (.25)

Crystal Golem (.25)
Sky Diamond (.75)
Chariot of the Sun (.25)

Razor Pendulum (2.25)
Lion's Eye Diamond (1.75)
Misers' Cage (1.75)                     $1.75  

Non-Basic Land:
Bad River (.25)

Leering Gargoyle (white,blue) (1.50)
Frenetic Efreet (blue,red) (2.00)               $3.00  

Spartial Binding ( (.25)
Harbour Gaurdian (white,blue) (.25)