Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Wanted - check it out.

Wanted, Wanted, Wanted, Wanted - check it out.

Post by Mark Macalus » Sun, 09 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Buying Kingdom Come autographs.
Want one of each. LMK if you can help.
There are 50 different.
Will consider duplicates for future trades.

Also interested in any chase cards that
come 1 per box or less, especially any
pack pulled autographs or *art cards*.

WTB batman all holo overpower cards. LMK if you have
any and what you are asking.

Wanted to buy or trade for Doritos
Star Wars motion cards. Will give
$1.50 each cash or $2.50 each trade
for the large size. Small size from 50
cent bags...25cents cash or $.35 trade

WTT  Trek blockbuster 3D cards.
Need all #'s 1 to 4. Will take
dupes. LMK what you have or can
get.  We will give $5/card trade value
or pay $3 each cash

If you are looking for any non-sport
cards (except promos & game cards),
I am sure we can do some trading. We
have over 60 million cards from the
last 100 yrs.  -  Let1s trade.