Lady Death Chromium Sets & Chases

Lady Death Chromium Sets & Chases

Post by Joel Dio » Thu, 26 Jan 1995 09:15:05

Now in stock, Lady Death Chromium Sets & Chases!

This is Lady Death's first card set.
The set consists of 100 ALL-Chromium cards, with 6 chase cards.
There are cards of the Comic Covers, from the swimsuit issue, from the
regular issues stories, & different artists views of Lady Death.
The card backs have the artists names, medium of painting, info about the
artists, and a summary story that goes with the front picture.

The chase cards are sort of like Fleers clear cards, except done much
better. The chases have a full-color front, but with some areas

It's a must have set for any Lady Death fans.(I'm keeping one for myself!).
The sets are available for $23.00 postage paid.

I also have: chase cards for sale for $12.00 each.

             The new Wizard card for $4.00 which features the chromium
                  cover for the new number one issue.
             1 promo card left for the Lady Death set for $12.00.
             1 Evil Ernie Chromium Promo for Evil Ernie set for $12.00.

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    Joel Dion