From "De Blin' Pig 'n' de Acorn" Dept.

From "De Blin' Pig 'n' de Acorn" Dept.

Post by Hal » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Bought a pack of '98 Fleer Ultra Football at a show Saturday.  I'd
bought a few packs on earlier occasions, with no exceptional results.
This pack was somewhat different.

Halfway through the pack -- a silverish flash!  Yup, a Platinum parallel
of Terance Mathis!

But . . . the card was unusually thick.  It was two Platinum cards --
with a Troy Aikman the one stuck underneath!  Both managed to make it
through Mint, which usually doesn't happen when card-line accidents of
this nature occur.

Both the Mathis and the Aikman were numbered 50 of 98, for those of you
keeping score at home.