British, Holland & Aussie SW Tazo & cels w/binders

British, Holland & Aussie SW Tazo & cels w/binders

Post by Mark Macalus » Thu, 02 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Tazos binder for the English Tazos set iof 50 from Walkers.
Included with the binder are the following:
  11 cardboard pages with great SW graphics to mount
the Tazos.
  1 Plastic *Tazo Force Card*  (like a credit card).
  1 instant winner scratch-off sheet - gives you a chance to
win various SW toys.
  SW trivia quiz
  SW character information.
All with great SW graphics.  This binder is absolutely great.
All this for $25.00.

Set of 50 Walkers Tazos
(these mount in the binder described above) ... $69.00.

We also have the set of 50 35 mm cell cards from Holland.

Binder for the Holland *cel* set...$25.00

Set of 2 Holland SW Trilogy WV unnumbered promos
   with the wrap-around sheet with great SW graphics...$20.

There was also a 3rd Holland unnumbered promo that
was released independently by Pepsi of Holland. It has
a picture of Luke & Obi Wan in the landspeeder at the
Mos Eisley spaceport. It is the same picture as the P5
Trilogy Widevision promo that came in boxes of 3Di.
It is very scarce.....$175.00

Complete set of the Australian set of 80 Tazos &
binder....$400.00     Real tough to put together.
Binder w/o Tazos....$29.00

P & H  extra

* International orders & credit cards welcome *