Signature Rookies & Signature Stars

Signature Rookies & Signature Stars

Post by Dave Ro » Tue, 17 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Signature Stars - OUT of BUSINESS in August 1996.  They never got off the
ground.  All those that ordered items directly from the company will be
getting them from a company called Mail Order Concepts.  In checking with
this company they had my name in the database for an autoed Iverson card
and stated it will be sent out in 6-8 weeks.  (Anyone want to take any
bets on this?) I have dealth with this company in the past and never had
a problem.  The problem will be in getting all the items from Sig Stars
from where I sit.

On Signature Rookies the company is no where to be found.  It is alledged
that Mail Order Concepts will be filling redemptions of those people in
their customer database and then seeing what is left and trying to make
good on the rest.  They are nothing more than a company that buys close
out stock and sells it cheap.  If you have not done business with them in
the past you are going to probably have to write off anything that is
owed.  They can not give a time frame for filling any of the orders due
to them still trying to get the stuff from SR.

Thought this might answer some questions hitting the group.