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                       I am offering to pre-sell the following product....

2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Baseball boxes

To see what these very cool cards will look like and read about some of the features,

please see the following site...

This card set will not only feature autographed cards by some of the very best that
has ever seen, but will also have cards with game-used memorabilia attached to them!
Talk about
owning a piece of baseball history!

             These are available at $92.99  per box. Delivery
should be sometime in March 2000, but that may vary according to when the
manufacturer actually releases this product. This price does not include
postage and insurance is also available should you desire it.

I will need payment in full for this item by  2/10/00.

                       And now, a little something about my company....

             My store is called Comics, Cards & More! and we have been located in
the same location for around 14 years.  We are a store front and are on
direct terms with most of the card manufacturers.  My name is Aaron
Bergman and I am the owner. I will personally be handling not only every
transaction, but also the packing and shipping of every product.  
              I have been doing business on the Internet for about 4 years, mostly on

Usenet and on some of the online auction services. I currently do not have
a web site, but am working on one and hope to have it up and running soon.
 If you need online references, email me and I can supply them.
              I realize that many of you are hesitant to do business over the 'net,
since you have never met me, and effectively are buying blind.  I
understand completely.  However, as I have said before, I have been in
business in the same location for over 13 years, but have been active
in the card & comics market for much longer.  You have nothing to worry
about when dealing with me.  You will not get ripped-off by me - it won't

                       Here is my address and telephone number:

               Comics, Cards & More!
               2523 Woodson Road
               Overland, Missouri 63114 USA
               Hours: 11 - 6 Mon - Sat  12 - 5 Sundays (CST)

            If you are interested in doing business, please contact me via email (or
call, if you prefer) to reserve the product that you are interested in.
Please do not send any payments before contacting me and getting a
confirmation that the product is still available.  I only have a finite
amount to sell and it is first come, first serve.  After I am sold out, I
will then begin a waiting list, so that you can be contacted if someone
backs out of the deal or is late with their payment.  Regardless of your
status (on either list), I will attempt to keep you informed of what is
happening.  Thanks for reading all of this and I hope that we can do some
business together!


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