TOS Autographs and Inserts and other Autograph items

TOS Autographs and Inserts and other Autograph items

Post by fireange » Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

We have the following Star Trek TOS inserts and sets for sale. Prices do
not include postage or insurance. Money orders ship immediately, check
orders held 7 days to clear. Thanks.

90 card set (also INCLUDES one each of the AUTOGRAPH CONTEST CARDS minus
the "I" card of course)  $10.00

A1   William Shatner    $175.00 (Sold)
A3   Nichelle Nichols   $100.00 (Sold)
A4   George Takei       $100.00
A5   Grace Lee Whitney   $50.00
A7   Barbara Anderson    $45.00 (Sold)
A13  Clint Howard        $45.00
A15  William Campbell    $50.00
A16  Gary Lockwood       $45.00
A18  Stewart Moss        $45.00
A21  Morgan Woodward     $45.00
A22  Meg Wyllie          $50.00

$10.00 each, 2 or more at $8.50 each
#'s - 4,5,7,9,11,12,13,16,19,22,23,25,26,&27

Personal Log sets and singles, Behind the Scenes sets and singles,
Character Profile Sets and singles, and Autograph Challenge singles
available on request.

Also available: 2 Terry Farrell DS9  (Dax) Autographs and
1 Mira Furlan Special Edition Autograph. Inquire as to prices.

E-mail orders appreciated and thanks.

Jimmy and fireangel