1988A $1 WEB-FED notes.

1988A $1 WEB-FED notes.

Post by Kevin Steinhaue » Thu, 15 Apr 2004 07:20:55


     Just thought I'd mention an interesting circulation find I made
     I got a 1988A $1 WEB-FED note in the change.  The details are:

     Serial Number E56978376K
     Face Check 8
     Back Check 6
     Grade about XF

     Actually it was the nicest one out of a bunch of $1's that I got.
     Current edition of Oakes & Schwartz says $30.00 for UNC.
     I usually half the "value" for each grade lower.  So XF = $15
     VF = $7.50 and so on.

     I just thought it was an interesting find and wanted to share it with
     the group.

     Best Regards,