Web Fed FRN $1 Notes

Web Fed FRN $1 Notes

Post by Nicholas Cheun » Thu, 06 Feb 1997 04:00:00

How rare are these notes?  Because I saw one being auctioned off with a
starting bid of $100-$125.  Besides, I have a web fed note from 1995
with the serial # pairing AC (ieA40859689C).  Is this note worth more
than face value, and this note is circulated but in about VF condition
or so.  Any answers are welcome.



Web Fed FRN $1 Notes

Post by Martin A. McCormac » Sat, 08 Feb 1997 04:00:00

The starting bid fot the lot of 11 UNC notes of $125 is IMHO primarily
for the 4 1988A UNC notes, like $60 to $100 retail or more depending on
the dealer. Prices have been rising fast in the past few months since
the BEP's decision to discontinue use of the web press. A few months
ago, one dealer I know would give you a 25 cent premimum on 1988A circs,
he commented recently that it was costing him more to get them, like $2.

The other lot, a 1988A circ BL web note was until I read today, the 2nd
rarest next to the 1988A F*. It was reported in the Feb 17th issue of
Coin World that the 1988A BL block was replaced in that spot by the 1995
AD block. 1988A BL circ notes in the Feb issue of Bank Note Reporter are
being offered for sale in the $200 to $300 range. $700 BTW is being
asked for a CU 1988A F*.

Your 1995 AC, I would say is common since I've managed to collect out of
circulation 8 AC notes with 4 front/back plate combinations. I save all
that I find which made me very happy tonight since one of those notes
was a 1995 AD 6/12 note in VF condition. That note was a pleasant find a
month or so back even when I thought it was only worth a buck. I enjoy
looking for them and am educating serveral of my co-workers what to look

Happy hunting,