Currency in MSNS auction

Currency in MSNS auction

Post by JSTONE93 » Mon, 07 May 2001 21:45:24

There is a small section of currency (about 80 lots) in the MSNS
(Michigan State Numismatic Society) auction by Craig Whitford May 18-19.  

No great rarities here, mostly notes for the average collectors budget.
12 lots of obsoletes,  5 lots of fractionals, 15 lots of Confederate, these are
sold by year and most have 3-5 notes per lot.  A few sutler notes, an
interesting selection of ad notes,  Large and small size US. MPC,
Nationals and some depression scrip.  Time is running out but if

get the catalog  in time for the show.  If you are attending in person
there should be plenty of catalogs available at the auction lot viewing

I plan on attending since the show is only a few miles from where I
live. I haven't attended a live auction in at least  5 years and am looking
forward to it.