Identification of some banknotes

Identification of some banknotes

Post by Arwel Parr » Thu, 14 Aug 1997 04:00:00


>2. Czecoslovakia (500 Korun,
>picture of a lion, the profile of a man, and a child. On the other side,
>Czech crest and a man in Army uniform. Prague May 2., 1929. Serie F. Has
>"Specimen" perforated on top, and  "Slovensky Stat" stamped below that
>again. What kind of note is this?)

It's a specimen, of course! ;-) Specifically the "Slovensky Stat"
indicates it was overprinted for use in Slovakia after Germany annexed
the Czech lands in March 1939.

>3. Austria-Hungary (100 Kronen. Text
>only in German. January 2., 1912.  Picture of a woman straing right
>ahead. Kind of green-gray.  I always thaught Austrian-Hungarian money had
>the text in German and Hungarian, but not this one. Also, it is stamped
>"Deutch?sterreich.  I believe that must be from 1938, when the Nazis took
>Austria, but I'm  not as sure as I'd like to be)

No, it's from 1918/19 for use in "German (-speaking) Austria" after the
non-German speaking parts split off to form parts of Czechoslovakia,
Poland, Yugoslavia, etc...

Arwel Parry