FS: Barbie and CPK stuff

FS: Barbie and CPK stuff

Post by mnst.. » Tue, 23 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have the following items that I'd really like to get rid of...

All of these HBRFB and have been played with so they are a little dirty.
In fact I only have two of the boxes.  :)

Dream Glow Ken
Tropical Barbie
Tropical Skipper
Loving You Barbie
Great Shape Barbie
Magic Moves Barbie-- still works fine
Barbie from the 'Rockers'
Hot tub that has the button for the bubble jet (I'm guessing mid 80's)
Ice Cream Shop- should have all pieces
random outfits, shoes, stuff
Colorforms set (1970)- all pieces

the umbrella stroller that has the thing to make the doll wave
white plastic bed w/pillow, pad, blanket
'84 girl CPK
'85 boy premie
'86 girl, front tooth
'86 girl premie, pacifier, bean bag body
and some random stuff like an outfit, diapers, and whatever else I find
in these old boxes

With the excetion of the CPK dolls, what I don't sell in the next month
will probably end up in a dumpster so I will sell all of it REALLY
CHEAP.  I'd hate to have to throw the stuff away.  I'd also rather sell
each group as a set because it makes it a lot easier for me- that just
means you'll probably end up with a lot of free stuff.  I am willing to
sell the colorforms seperately because they might actually be worth