kay bee krik and spock auction

kay bee krik and spock auction

Post by james1.. » Sun, 05 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I Am Auctioning Of 2 Star trek figures.

Both Figures are from Kay Bee Toy stores. They are limited to 5000 of
each charactor.

I have 1 kirk from Peace of the action. Plus 1 spock. I will Run the
auction for 2 weeks. The highest bid Gets them. The bid must be for both
Shiping will be 20.00 $ dollars for each charactor. That includes

Please send all bids via email.

send bids to

These are the figures from the peace of the action line.

The auction will end on jan 11 1997 at 11 pm pst.

The highets bid so far was made by

Thanks to all for your responces so far keep them comming.

Happy new year to all

sincerely James Sutherland