FS Antique bisque and comp dolls

FS Antique bisque and comp dolls

Post by Vince Bake » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Selling a part of my antique doll collection:

15" German bisque girl, marked 13/0, kid body, shoulder plate, fixed eyes,
replaced wig, redressed $225

14" Recknagel DEP, bisque girl doll, fixed grey eyes, comp stick body,
all original-wig, dress, undergarments $235

17" Armand Marseille 370, grey blue sleep eyes, oroginal wig,
kid body, *** $175

Black, all bisque Japan baby in unusual size 7" $125

Antique lustreware childs teaset in box, Japan $50

2 Composition dolls, Canadian, patsy type, painted eyes, twins,
***, excelent condition $80

Composition doll, Canadian, painted eyes, dressed in complete lovely
original outfit with , bonnet, and parasol and tag. $75