Sales at Kay Bee and TRU

Sales at Kay Bee and TRU

Post by Dee De » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I stopped by Kay Bee Toys in our mall today and this is what they had on

Star Trek - $29.99
Pretty Hearts - $3.99
Sparkle Beach-$4.99
Indian (DOTW)-$12.99
Polynesian  (DOTW)-$12.99
Mexican (only had one that I could see)  (DOTW)-$12.99
Civil War Nurse - $12.99
Pilgrim - $12.99
Pioneer- $12.99
American Indian - $12.99
Baywatch Barbie & Ken - $7.49
Foam N Color forgot the price
My First Tea Party - $5.49
and you won't believe this one:
Jamacan DOTW (from 1992) - $12.99

Family Corners - $2.99
some cool looking Marvel figures about 12" - $12.99 I think - had
but he didn't look like Spiderman to me.  I would love to find a 12"
Spiderman for a good price - anyone know of one?

I didn't buy anything (not even the Jamacan) cuz I'm trying to stick to
ones I really LOVE and these I only liked......and it wasn't payday
yesterday! :-)

TRU had Jasmine doll and 2 outfits for $9.98 - is that a good price?
Finally saw the Wedding Day repro's in person - thought they were both
pretty but not for that price ($40 give or take)

--Dee Dee Y. - Barbie Gossip!! -cool item at auction!!
Here's the picture of the cool doll at auction: