Ebay Bad Trader - And Bad Trader In General

Ebay Bad Trader - And Bad Trader In General

Post by horus_the_aven.. » Sun, 04 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Bad trader alert here about a dealer on ebay who is misrepresenting his
identity and who is also involved in shill bidding by using a second
account as well as his business partner's address. The person's name is
Dennis Barger, and he is the owner of Men In Black Collectibles, a toy
store in Michigan. This is his original ebay account:

However, due to his bad feedback ratings, he also had the following
account active as of May 10, 1999:

If you check out the contact information, both of these accounts belong
to Dennis Barger. They are using the new account, [ypsitoys], to avoid
the bad feedback they have on their original account, [combattraman].

Bidders who would like to avoid dealing with them due to their bad
feedback may be unknowingly dealing with them because of this
fraudulent use of a second account.Dennis is earning his infamous
reputation as poster child of disreputable business by shill bidding. I
will list the following auctions that are being shill bid on, but a bit
of information is needed first. On some auctions, he is selling items
under his ypsitoys account, and bidding on them under his combattraman
account. Since both are his accounts, this is shill bidding. He's
bidding on his own auctions. His partner, Robert Bowman

that Dennis Barger (combattraman and ypsitoys) and Robert Bowman

homepage where they are listed as business partners along with their
email addresses:


The following are the shilled auctions, either being bid on my Dennis
using his old account or by his partner:

119347988 (Seller: ypsitoys   Bidder: combattraman)

121192041 (Seller: ypsitoys   Bidder: combattraman)
120191649 (Seller: ypsitoys   Bidder: combattraman)

In any event, they seem to be putting in bids during the last few hours
of the auction, although from looking thru it, their tactics admittedly
seem to be backfiring, as they usually win their own auctions. :-) It
appears they are using ebay as their latest avenue of bad business

As if that isn't bad enough, on one of his auctions that didn't reach
what Dennis hoped to get, he pulled this little stunt (pasted from an
actual letter I received from the bidder he was writing to):

>hi this morning i got sevreal frantic e-mails from a bidder who could

not get on to bid on this item....he stated that he wanted to bid up to
$50 on this thing....I have a couple of options...if he is legit I
could repost it and claim e-bay problems and let the two of you bid on
it if his ebay is working correctly...offer it to you at $50 which is
almost double what your high bid was....or if you let him he can have
it for $50 let me know how I am to proceed with this...this is the
first time this has happened to us like this....we are fairly new to e-
bay Thanks MIB<

Luckily, the bidder was wise enough to tell Dennis to take a hike! Talk
about underhanded! Well, some good news for now....with the help of the
people I contacted who bid on his auctions, and the help of the people
on the Microtalk Mailing List, we managed to get Dennis Barger's
accounts thrown off ebay. We hope we can manage to make it permanent
because by the sheer bulk of his shill bidding over the course of
barely one month, he has shown us yet again that he cherishes his title
of Poster Child of Disrepute.I'm setting up a system to track Dennis's
actions on ebay, in case the suspension is only temporary, or in case
he gets a new account. I am also tracking his partner's account to make
sure he doesn't use that avenue to pollute ebay with his foul stench.
Anyone who is interested in keeping Dennis from ripping off more
people, please contact me at the following address:

And Dennis...be careful...the eye of Horus sees all! ;-)

Bob Paluch
aka Horus the Avenger

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