FS: 1977-85 Vintage SW Figures! (Many POTF)

FS: 1977-85 Vintage SW Figures! (Many POTF)

Post by Andrew Gordo » Sun, 09 Aug 1998 04:00:00

POTF85 Amanaman:  Complete with Staff.  No Coin.  C10  $100
POTF85 Han in Carbonite:  Complete with Carbonite Frame and POTF Coin
C9-9.5  $100
POTF85 Death Star Gunner:  No Gun.  With Coin  C9.5   $85
POTF85 A-Wing Pilot.  No Gun.  With Coin.  C9.5  $45
POTF85 Luke Skywalker (Poncho) With cape and belt.
               No guns/lightsaber.  With Coin.  C9.5  $45
POTF85 Lando General with cape and coin, missing gun.  Figure & cape are
C9.5-C10  $45

Imperial Commander...missing gun, some small spots of paint wear on
chest.  C8.  $15

Leia Combat with Poncho cape in C9.5-C10.
Han Solo with Trench Coat...left foot slightly nicked up, otherwise
figure is about

inquiring in advance.