Free Toys at Collectors Den!!

Free Toys at Collectors Den!!

Post by Collectors De » Sat, 12 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Collectors Den!!

The one stop shopping place for collectable toys on the web. We have
Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, X-Men, SLU, Spiderman, Hot Wheels,
Matchbox, Beenie Babies, Sport and Non-Sport Cards and much more.

Our page features pictures of the latest toys, cools sounds, links and
best of all....


Each month we give away free toys. No strings, no obligation, no mailing
list. Just drop by our page and send us some E-mail saying you want to
enter the contest.

This month is a contest for July and August...the prizes are...

1st place       Orange carded POTF 2 Stormtrooper w/hologram
2cd place       Complete set of Silver Series II Hot Wheels
3rd place       1997 SLU Baseball of Brady Anderson

If we get 100 entries Collectors done will give away a Mystery Gift!!!!

So far this year we have given away the following

9" Data from 1st Contact
POTF 2 Luke Stormtrooper on Green card
POTF 2 Leia on Orange card
POTF 2 Stormtrooper on Orange card
Xena II
SLU Cal Ripkin Jr. 1997 Baseball
SLU Chris Carter 1996 Football
Complete set of Hot Wheels Race Team Series III
POTF 2 Emporor Palatine

So drop by, you have nothing to lose.