FS: More old toys!!!

FS: More old toys!!!

Post by RNA » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

For Sale:

TOY STOVE - OLD.  Little Orphan Annie toy stove/oven, metal construction
with three pull down oven doors.  Four images of Orphan Annie and
Sandy, measures 10" x 8".  In good condition.  Price:$100.00 + S&H.

PONY BOY.  Old cap pistol in very good condition.  Price:$25.00 +

COKE THERMOMETER. Old coke bottle thermometer, measures 29" tall, sign
is in excellent condition.  Price:$80.00 + S&H.

MYSTERY SHOOTER.  Old tin toy made by Wolverine, put ball on
spring shooter, pull back and shoot through receiver to land on score
area.  Measures 14" x 7", in
excellent condition.  Price:$40.00 + S&H.

PUZZLE BOX - 1968. "Frankenstein" puzzle box made by Jaymar, 10" x 7",
box only - no puzzle.  In very good condition.  Price:$25.00 postage

COKE TRAY - 1960's.  With Coke logo: "Be Really Refreshed" , In
excellent condition, Price:$50.00 + S&H.

PLAYFUL CAT - 1950's.  Tin wind-up cat toys
made by Alps of Japan.  Both are in good condition.  Price:$40.00 each +

WIND-UP TARGET GAME - OLD.  Tin mechanical target game
made by Lindstrom with images of WWII planes, ships, and bi-planes.
Three circle targets rotate,16" x 12". In very good condition, would
make great wall***!!!  Price:$50.00 + S&H

TINKERTOYS - VERY OLD.  Set of Tinkertoys with original
container. The Tinkertoys postage rates quoted on the container range 5
cents for 150 miles to 12 cents for over 1800 miles and foreign. Should
help date. In good condition. Price: $25.00 + S&H.

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Thanks .... RNA