Mattel's injector set: Cowboy figures

Mattel's injector set: Cowboy figures

Post by Dubravko Bezic » Sat, 05 Nov 2011 10:04:33

Interesting, "dangerous" toy, once owned by uncle when he was a kid in

Info from Sam's Toy Box website:

"Mattel's Injector - Western World is a very cool toy from the late
1960s. This set allowed one to make cowboys, indians, and horses out
of molten plastic. The Western World set, item number 4350, dated
1968, is more readily available than the Hot Wheels Injector. This
copy is nearly complete missing only the original paint brush,
scissors, and about half of the plastic molding sticks."

Molten plastic? What would Consumer Product Safety Council and
corporate & plaintiff lawyers say about  such a toy  today?

Item is currently listed for sale at Ebay

Period Mattel ad here



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