FS: Rare 1940 Fantasia "Ave Maria" book

FS: Rare 1940 Fantasia "Ave Maria" book

Post by Bryan Barr » Tue, 02 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have a first edition, 1940 hardcover book of the "Ave Maria" portion of
the Fantasia film. It is 7 1/2"W by 10 1/2"H and approximately 40 pages.
The book contains images from the film, images not used in the film
(storyboard sketches), words, and in the back, the sheet music. Each page
has "gilded" (golden foil) highlights on some of the words, musical notes
, and pictures. Although the dust cover is somewhat worn and tattered, the
book itself is in excellent condition. $125 or best offer.


360/12v64 FG (1998)

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