Delta 14" Bandsaw Speeds?

Delta 14" Bandsaw Speeds?

Post by Jim Hanrah » Thu, 30 May 1996 04:00:00

I recently picked up an old Rockwell/Delta 14" Metal/Wood bandsaw.
I suspect the motor and gearbox pulleys have been changed. Mine
are identical 4 step models with the following outside diameters and
with a 19:1 gearbox I calculate the following speeds:

Motor        Gearbox Blade Speed (FPM)
3.96 inches  1.75    778
3.23 inches  2.47    439
2.47 inches  3.23    252
1.75 inches  3.96    142

The parts list Delta sent indicates the motor pulley 3.15 inches and
the gearbox pulley 4.5 inches, but does not list each step Can anyone verify?

Should I be concerned that my lowest speed is 142 FPM?

  Jim Hanrahan, PE, CP-IA         Naval Surface Warfare Center