Foundry Auction et al

Foundry Auction et al

Post by Frank Ega » Fri, 27 Jul 2007 14:21:25

Thanks Mike,

It has been an interesting adventure. I've never in 15 years,
monitoring countless
groups, seen a small foundry walkon business for sale. It is coming
down to the

final results.
In the meantime, watch the action.........

Foundry auction #270146572727

Show Display Auction #270146882675

Best to you all.


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"Light the Planet"
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Benicia,  CA 94510
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 More options Jul 20, 6:28 am

> Dear Folks,
> Its a done deal. Clearing it out. Pass it along if you know any
> interested parties.
> The foundry auction is item number: 270146572727
> The show/gallery display is item number: 270146882675
> Thanks and best wishes to you all.
> Frank

> 707.246.6452 Cell

This is such a sweet set up. Good luck!