OT - Will this go down as Picken's Folly?

OT - Will this go down as Picken's Folly?

Post by Clif » Tue, 14 Jul 2009 20:42:31


>>>> On Wed, 8 Jul 2009 23:54:35 -0700, "Brother Lightfoot"

>>>>> The problem is even if pickens had cash for constructing the grid
>>>>> <hardware
>>>>> and labor> aquiring the ea***ts for transmission lines becomes a
>>>>> literal nightmare without having government backing because of the
>>>>> tremendous cost of litigation where it surrounds the condemnation
>>>>> of private property for use by the public.

>>>> What kind of transmission lines?

>>>> Can't put them underground following existing, road, utilities,
>>>> right of way ea***ts?

>>> Overhead hv transmission lines are still the norm where voltages get
>>> to be over say 30 kv or so--much higher than that then what happens
>>> is it becomes next to impossible to keep the wire insulated beings
>>> the electricity REALLY REALLY wants to break through the insulation

>>> FWIW, recalling most of the northwest intertie is at 500 kv though
>>> Im no expert for that high of voltage I estimate you would probably
>>> need to have a silicone jacket 40 or so inches thick in order to
>>> safely bury it.

>>> --

>> voltage will jump a gap of about 1 inch per 35 kv.  so a free air gap
>> has to be at least about 15 inches.   I wouldn't want to be near any
>> 500kv line.  I saw what a 4 kv lead shielded line did to the ground
>> when it blew up from heavy rain and old age.   Scared the guy picking
>> mushrooms along the right of way after the rain.

>You find worm holes out in the Mojave from the tramsmission lines.
>They look like small, glass lined caves.
>Scary stuff.

  " Glass (a glassy object, to be exact) that is made as a result of a
cloud-to-ground lightning discharge is called a fulgurite (from the Latin
"fulgur" which means lightning)."

  Pics of fulgurites:


  I never knew the name before.
  Learned something.