Possible Am Rifleman Story Post

Possible Am Rifleman Story Post

Post by Gunn » Sun, 29 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Please post it, and give author and publication credit. That should do



>Hi, All:
>I have reduced a story from a 1941 issue of _American Rifleman_ to txt that I
>could break into three or four messages to post here.
>It is about Harry M. Pope, the rifle barrel maker, and I think it would be
>enjoyed by many.
>I was wondering if anyone could point out where I might request permission to
>do so from the copyright owners (if any copyright still exists).
>I have e-mailed the NRA's website, but there is no response after several
>weeks. And I'm not an active shooter or a gunsmith, so don't have contact with
>those folks.

>Best regards,
>Frank Morrison


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