Sam's stash and Mother's Day S.E.X.

Sam's stash and Mother's Day S.E.X.

Post by Ginny Ellswor » Wed, 12 May 1999 04:00:00

Well, my boss took pity on me since I was working Mother's Day at the
library and we were sooooooooooo slow. So, she sent me home three hours

I went to JA's and bought the sashing, backing and binding for both boys's
quilts. I brought the fabric home and spread it out on floor (where else!)
to lay the quilt squares on it. Sam crawled over, stole two pieces of
fabric, and crawled off to admire them. Funny, they both were for his
quilt! I guess he approves!

He also ate green beans for me last night. And picked them up himself!
A Happy Mother's Day to me. And everyone else too!