late in the day, Happy Canada Day

late in the day, Happy Canada Day

Post by shhdesign » Tue, 03 Jul 2007 15:42:37

Hi all,

Been quite a while since I've posted here, just wanted to wish you all a
Happy Canada Day to the Canadians in the group and a Happy 4th of July to
our American friends to the south of us on Wednesday.

I'm trying to catch up a bit on the ng, I've been participating in Mary Lou
Weidman's online groups.  I took a workshop from her and find her quite

She has a new book out called Flower Power.  It is all printed in black and
white so as not to bias you on the colour choices you want to make.  It has
a coloured cover and inside cover photos, but everything else is black and

It is very inspiring, I have made a few sketches of ideas I want to expand
upon from her blocks.  I also participated in a year long appliqu round
robin for angels.

Check out her blog at  to see some
pictures for inspiration.

I hope all of you who remember me are doing well. I'm so sorry I miss seeing
most of you, when I was in Houston, with the exception of Butterfly and her
son and another gal from Texas whose name escapes me right now along with
her husband.

I'm hoping to pop in more frequently and see what is going on.

Cheers, I'm planning to drive to San Diego in September, so I should have a
good travelogue to share.  I'm sorting out meds to stabilize rheumatoid
arthritis.  Good news is the hands are improving and the  knees are about

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.
Queen of the Travelogues