One Less UFO!

One Less UFO!

Post by antngl » Tue, 05 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Hi Pat doing the Bear Neccessitie's Dance for you. Great name for it.<VBG> Another one finished, doesn't matter how long it was waiting it's done now.Bet the baby will love it. Warm regards from Gloria in Essex UK

    Kinda long, but do read to the end!! <BEG>
    YeeHaw! Today I finished a UFO & now have another 'real quilt'!!  It is small, about 36" sq, so I'm ready for next special baby in out family! (G-kid or G-Niece; I personally am out of that game!)  I am blushing only slightly to say it has hung around for 2 years waiting for about 2.5 hours of quilting to be finished!  I would really really blush to admit the age of some of my UFOs. <Sheepish Grin= SG>

    I made this at the last minute to enter the guild's log cabin challenge. I made free form LC blocks, 9 at about 9" each.  Used what I had in house:  Bright beats as large LC centers, primary colors as logs, crayon print for sashes.  Instead of using a plain block and quickly quilting it (like any normal person running against the clock!), I had to use leftover logs & bear and design a pieced back!! For the challenge I'd only had the central block quilted.  It was edge finished with the birth a quilt method.  I entered it with title "Primary Bears".  I did not get a prize, of course, as it was incomplete.

    It rested for 2 years.  Today I finished the MQ. I used pen to write 2 names of quilt (Front & Back) and sign it. At the end, I came up with a name for the *back* of the quilt: "Bear Behind!"  <LOL> PAT, Happy Dancing  in ***ia