Quilting Frame advice, please

Quilting Frame advice, please

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>The best frame on the market is the Grace frame.  It was
>developed by a quilter, folds to about 28" with your quilt
>in the frame (conserving space when not in use while
>providing a decorative display), is easy to adjust, and
>has solid wood rails that will not warp (some other brands
>use dowels that will warp under the pressure of a large,
>heavy quilt).  Also, it is 3-rail which means you don't

Different things to different people!  I sat and quilted at every frame at
the Houston Internation Festival about three years ago, and ended up
buying a Jasmine (well, actually my parents bought it for me as a
combination Christmas and 'thank you' for making them a queen-sized quilt.
 The working portion of the Jasmine is 15-16" deep, so it does not take up
a lot of room 'depth wise' - I sit it up behind my sofa (which is not up
against the wall).  It also does not have a center support rail through
the middle, so there is nothing to get in the way of your feet.  Also, it
is the only frame that people in wheelchairs could seem to get close to
because of this.  The head portion, where the quilt is rolled, can go from
completely vertial to completely horizontal, for storage, for adjusting in
quilting, etc.  People can work from either side, even at the same time,
if you keep the heads horizontal.  The rails are heavy - like stair rails.
 The heads also come off easily so that you can put it away for a while,
if need be.  In fact, I moved after starting a quilt - the packers removed
the head & rails, wrapped it in a clean sheet I provided, then paper and
then boxed it.  The two end pieces were boxed separately.  Jasmine is a
three-rail system, also.

I bought the frame ends that were made of maple and in the 'traditional'
style - they also make them in oak.  With it, I bought a set of
queen-sized rails and a smaller set that are 4-1/2 ft long.  (You can also
make your own rails from stair handrails, if you wish - they provide
instructions. )  For the fancy frame ends, 2 sets of rails, was about $340
with shipping.  I noticed that they now also sell a set of frame ends and
head that is very plain, and advertised as less expensive than the
'furniture' models.

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