What ever happened to basic uncompli

What ever happened to basic uncompli

Post by Christine Utti » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 02:47:05

>What ever did happen to those two-stitch, uncomplicated sewing
>machines?  Seems like everyone has multi-stitch, multi-named,
>complicated, multi-featured machines.  I have a basic 2-stitch
>Kenmore and for my quilting it does me just fine.  Anyone else
>Lynne Paterson

I concur!  I have a 1969 model Kenmore that does two stitches - straight and
zigzag.  At times I look at the fancier models and wish I had one, but my
machine serves me just fine.  There's nothing computerized on it and, knock
wood, it's mechanically sound.  I use it for everything from piecing to
applique to machine quilting wall-hangings.  I don't have any fancy
attachments or doo-dads altho when I quilt using a tear-away pattern, I do
use my zipper foot so that I can see properly.  Those new models may be nice
to have, but they certainly aren't a necessity for quilting.


What ever happened to basic uncompli

Post by Angeline Kanto » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 08:56:43

Nice to hear I'm not alone in the world of plain ol'
machines. I've got a ca. early '60's Singer,
straight and zigzag stitch, in an absolutely
*fabulous* shade of aqua blue.  Works like a dream.
Here's the killer part:  I picked it up in a 2nd hand
store for a whopping $17.  Been professionally
checked out and cleaned up and given a clean bill
of health. Yow! I dream of someday owning one of
those cast-iron treadle machines...

I would be really interested in getting the
literature about this specific machine (and of
course I don't have that info handy). Does
anyone know if Singer still distributes their product
information for older machines?