Burlington Art Centre (Ontario, Canada) featuring Quilts in latest show

Burlington Art Centre (Ontario, Canada) featuring Quilts in latest show

Post by FurrsomeThreesom » Tue, 07 Mar 2006 09:14:30

Hi, all -

In the midst of the "OMG, we're moving in 3 weeks" chaos, I took a time
out today to go see my Sis (who is struggling with a debilitating
autoimmune problem), her increasingly stressed out hubby, and my
darling but just-turned-two-and-terrible nephew (who isn't really that
terrible, but he was having a shrieky, grabby, toddler day).

Stressed-out hubby is an underpaid but enthusiastic Program
coordinator/IT guru/all-round gopher for a really neat gallery and
community arts centre, the Burlington Arts Centre, in my childhood
hometown.  We popped out to go to a show opening that's actually
featuring 3 shows and I lost track of how many artists for the next
number of weeks.

The big draw of the 3 galleries was the AIC grand hall presentation of
"Domestica", featuring a furniture artist, a ceramic artist who makes
the most unbelievably fun but totally functional tableware, and John
Willard, who had 3 of the walls and half the columns in the gallery
covered with these wonderful, kaleidoscopic, rainbow-and-circus filled
quilts.  I must admit, I can't say I'd want to live with those full
time - they are BIG and BRIGHT and made much of the rest of the room
look drab, but they're the perfect fix for the winter doldrums.

At the opening reception it was not hard to pick Mr. Willard out of the
crowd.  Not too many stately, white-haired gentlemen wearing a
leaopard-print vest appliqued with Toucans and pineapples, and a
matching cap, turn up, even at an art show opening.  The work was
really striking and the technicalities were amazing - certainly well
beyond my current capabilities.

If you're anywhere between Windsor and Kingston in Ontario, this is a
worthwhile day trip for a quilting (or ceramics or woodcarving, the
other shows...) enthusiast.

If you google "Burlington Arts Centre" you'll probably get all the
details you need.


Johanna, humbly contemplating my latest pile of squares, yet to be
sewing into a square, square, square quilt (cuz its fast and another
neice/nephew is due before I really have time for it....)