Millenium quilt - Grandmother's Flower Garden set

Millenium quilt - Grandmother's Flower Garden set

Post by Charlotte L. Blackme » Mon, 07 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Okay, I can't find the original any more, so I'm starting a new thread.

At least one person who is doing a MQ (Note new acronym here ;-) was
thinking about a "Grandmother's Flower Garden" (GFG) "set".  Her q was
"what about the whites" for the paths.

I have a book titled "Great American Quilts -1996" that has a "My Flower
Garden" quilt.  Imagine a GFG without the paths and with the flowers
bunched up together and you're close.  Not all the flowers were the
classic seven-hexagon unit;  some "extras" were in places to space things.
There was a drift of red flowers, a drift of pink flowers, a drift of blue
and purple flowers, a drift of yellow/white flowers with dark centers,
some green foliage in places...sorta like a real flower border if it were
constructed of Hoffman hexagons ;-)

It's nifty looking and I think it would work well as a MQ.  I'm not going
to do it, mind you, but I wanted to put ideas in people's heads :-).

(I'd be willing to loan the book out - email me.)

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Millenium quilt - Grandmother's Flower Garden set

Post by grrb.. » Mon, 07 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I started the whole white thing.  Your idea sounds great.  I am so
indesisive about this I am thinking crazy quilt too.   I am going to
look for that book.  
   For all of you who have sent email regarding white fabric.  Thank You
  I'll get back to you soon.  I have to finish my mom inlaw quilt by
tommorrow night so  I'm kn=inda chained to the machine.
   Thanks Again