Featherweight Seminar, Philadelphia area

Featherweight Seminar, Philadelphia area

Post by Stuart R Scot » Wed, 02 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Featherweight Refurbishing and Tune up Seminar
At Quilt Extravaganza, Ft  Washington, PA,  9/17, 18,19/98
1 PM to 4 PM each day.

This is a seminar where we, together, completely clean, tune and refurbish
old parts to your featherweight. Upon completion you will have your
featherweight in top condition for sewing, selling or just for your
collection. You will also have the know how to do the same things at home to
any other featherweights you have.

What you will receive in your tune up package:
The Nancy Srebro book, The Perfect Portable, Copy of Original Singer Tech
Service Manual, Four new *** feet, New double lead Electrical Cord,
Singer Needles, (10 pack), Singer Lube, Singer Light Bulb, New Original
Type belt, ( no lugs ), Bottle of Oil With Zoom Spout, Spool of Metrosene
Thread, Lint Brush, Fabric for Test  Sews, Detailed Class Instructions,
that you can follow at home on another
machine  ), Dixie Cup, tooth Picks and1/2 Straw ( Well tell you what that
s for at the seminar. ) There will be two of us working with you and we
pace the instruction to your pace, so dont worry if you are not
particularly mechanically inclined, we are and our job is to help you.

The cost of the seminar, with the kit included is only $ 75. The parts in
the kit alone are worth that much. Come join us !  We enjoy doing this and
it is always fun for all.

For Reservations, Questions and or Directions call
Ron or Barbara at 610-326-5055 Seating each day is limited. Call Today!