Newbie intro and "roll call"

Newbie intro and "roll call"

Post by Donna in NE La » Sun, 16 Aug 2009 02:01:09

I live in Louisiana with my DH of 31 years and our QI, Jingles, an 11 year
old toy poodle. I have two sons--Tony, 41, who lives in Alabama with his
wife and two kids 18 and 15, and Michael, 38, who lives in Florida with his
daughter, 5. I work part time as an RN in an eye surgery center but am
hoping to retire next year and move back to Pensacola (God's Country, lol).
I have been quilting for about 10 years.I usually always have several
projects going at the same time-- right now three BOM's from my LQS,
Thimbleberries BOM, and several kits that I want to get started on. I also
love to read--quilting stories, mysteries, pretty much anything!

Donna in NE La.
kd maine 77 at yahoo dot com

> Jennifer in Ottowa requested personal info in response to my first post,
> so here it is.  In response, I would be very pleased if anyone who cares
> to would introduce themselves in this thread.  I'll create a special
> folder on my hard drive to keep your posts so I can get to know you while
> I continue to post to RCTQ.  Thanks in advance!

> I am retired from the private practice of law and work as a consultant to
> law firms when my health permits, which hasn't been lately.  I currently
> have time for needlework because I am recovering from a long illness that
> I'd just as soon not dwell on, thank you!  I am 52 years old.

> I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast in a tourist town called Fairhope.
>  I was born and raised here, but have lived all
> over the place, including New Orleans, New York, Paris, and Prague.

> My father was old Alabama; my mother was Czech, first-generation
> immigrant. My father divided up the family farm among his children before
> he died, and I live on a family compound in a house I designed and my
> brother (and next-door-neighbor) built.  I'm the only person in my family
> who is interested in quilting or fancy needlework (I am working on my
> first quilt, but I have done needlepoint, counted cross-stitch, and crewel
> embroidery since childhood), but my mother was a brilliant seamtstress who
> made all my clothes when I was growing up (and created the patterns for
> most, or sewed without even cutting a pattern first).  I sew on a '70's
> era Necchi machine with no features more fancy than a zig-zag.  I collect
> old sewing baskets and notions.

> I don't own a camera and haven't since a cheap one was pickpocketed from
> me on a city bus in Athens, Greece.  I found it just distracts me when I
> travel and my friends give me enough photos to create enough of a
> photographic record as the years pass.  But I may have to change this
> policy so I can share all the quilts I plan to make with my on-line
> friends.

> I have three cats, Ted, Betty, and Edna Pearl.  (No, Edna is not my real
> name; it is the name of an aunt who died young.  I name my pets after dead
> relatives and then use their names as screen names on-line.  Is that so
> bad?)

> I don't eat many sweets, including chocolate, so your chocolate is safe
> with me.  It is not safe with my SO, Bruce, however.  Bruce and I have
> been together 8-9 years.  He bakes.  I would be big as a house if I liked
> pies, cakes, and cookies.  I am a sucker for his brioche, however.  And I
> love to cook, especially Cajun/Creole, French, Italian, and Indian.  I'm
> learning Southwestern.  Bruce also gardens, and my next quilt will be for
> him and have a garden theme.

> Your turn!

> Edna Pearl


Newbie intro and "roll call"

Post by Pat in Virgini » Mon, 17 Aug 2009 00:10:13

Hi Hanne!
Here I am ... your former 'neighbor' (all things are relative!) in ***ia.
I just want to say good luck on your new job. I hope you'll be back visiting
in ***ia next year.

> I'm Hanne, I live in Denmark, although when I first joined the group,
> I lived in ***ia (near another RCTQ member, who may introduce
> herself later), and in between I've been in London.

> I love quilting, but don't get to take the time too often at the
> moment. I nearly exclusively work by machine (a Pfaff), just out of
> preference. Current projects: 1 baby quilt, one brown/brown shoofly
> quilt, 2 handpieced smaller quilts, and then there are all the ones
> that I haven't touched in the last year - UFOs probably, although I
> try to not give them this status for fear that they might never be
> released from it :-)

> Just yesterday I started my new job, teaching high school (Y10-12)
> Maths and Computer Science.

> No significant other, no QI (quilt inspectors aka pets).

> Hope you enjoy the posts!

> Hanne in DK


Newbie intro and "roll call"

Post by was rabbit » Mon, 17 Aug 2009 11:08:50

Welcome, Edna!

I first came to the group in 2004, I think, when I was in rabbinical
school (second or third career <g>) in Philadelphia and had just
discovered quilting. We'd lived in Minnesota for 25 years and I'd been
self-employed as a graphic designer for 13 years. One of my colleagues
had gotten into quilting and I'd thought she was nuts--why on earth
would anyone cut up a bunch of fabric and just to sew it back together
again, and what on earth was she going to DO with a bunch of
blankets?? But somehow in Philadelphia, the sewing machine I'd bought
because a pile of mending was growing (and because my DH had sold my
Bernina to a neighbor for $40 at our garage sale) wanted to do other
stuff, and the mending never did get done... After graduation/
ordination in 2005, we moved to Plattsburgh, NY, about an hour from
Montreal, where I had a congregation for three years. Loved the work
and the people, hated the politics, so took a position doing hospital
chaplaincy, my first love, in Carmel, IN (Indianapolis).

Unfortunately, I finished only one small baby quilt during those three
years, though I did make several tops.

Happily, I'm quilting again! In December we got a new frame, and in
February an HQ16. I'm a spoiled brat (poor DH will be paying for
selling that Bernina forever <g>) and hope someday to grow into all
the goodies I have.

We've been married since 1973 and have two kids, (Michael, 44, and
Suzanne, 37, who came to us from Korea when they were 15 and 8), and a
granddaughter who will be 10 this year.

We are owned by two scotties, Bobbie McGee and Cooper Amadeus.

Because of a need for instant gratification and probably some ADD, I
do only lap-size and baby quilts, and am about to start quilting my
4th Quilt of Valor. In a way, they're my penance for being a child of
the 60s and not distinguishing between an unjust war and the soldiers
who fought in it, and my protest now (still a child of the 60s I
guess) against the pathetic lack of care our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans
are getting.

DH is currently not working, but not quite ready for retirement, so
I'm more spoiled than ever. He takes care of all the shopping,
cooking, cleaning, etc.

ah, that's more than enough,

I'm glad you're here and hope you enjoy!