Post by Bia » Mon, 05 Feb 2001 08:13:27

Hi all, I posted awhile back and got quite a few responses privately
regarding my collection of very old glass cabs. it's taken me so long to
deal with them all and to get back to you all...I am so sorry!. I have 7
styles up on my website now and I will get more up as soon as I can. I am
very behind in everything it seems! here is a direct link to the pictures so
far:  just scroll down till you see
"old glass beads and cabs" next to a picture...

I am going to start with them as 10 per baggie (one style) at 4.00. I will
give anyone who wants them all...the entire kit and kaboodle 40% off the
total...I just don't know exactly how many there are yet but you can pretty
much figure at least 300 cabs. there are quite a few more styles...about 20
I think... this is just 7 of them.

I lost all but 2 of the emails I received so please forgive me for not
getting to all of you directly...I am a clutz when it comes to saving my
emails for long periods of time... Hope you will forgive me and please let
me know what else you want me to tell you about these great old cabs...they
really are all great! Email me directly please! I promise to make a new file
just for this post and NOT lose the emails again!!!

See Ya