$1 Vintage Cab Sale Ends Wed 2/6 + Instant Gratification!

$1 Vintage Cab Sale Ends Wed 2/6 + Instant Gratification!

Post by Vibrant Jewel » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 11:18:09

Hi Beady Buddies,
Well the $1 Vintage Cab Sale at JustBeads is ending Wednesday and there are
still plenty with NO bids and the rest have LOW bids (the $10 bid is a
blooper). I will not relist these at this price! Get them while you can!
Here's one to get you started:
http://www.justbeads.com/listings/details/index.cfm?itemnum=696406001 Dutch!
These lovely tiny silvered cabs are useful for repairing vintage jewelry or
making new creations. A steal at this price!

I am also going to list some large vintage gleaning lots tonight starting at
just $.25 with a low, low reserve. So take a look!

Also I'm revising all my JustBeads single listings with the Buy Now! feature
so you can have instant gratification of your beading needs. In addition,
they will also have a PayPal Instant payment option. Could buying beads be

Thanks for looking & Bead Blessed!
Karleen/Vibrant Jewels
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