OT - Heading for Cali!

OT - Heading for Cali!

Post by Polly S » Wed, 03 Aug 2005 12:15:56

Well, not yet! But I will be! I just got a call from my son John and his
gf (Fe). They already found a house in San Francisco, 10 minutes from
his new job!!! They are e***d to move back to Cali, even though it
means a move back from east coast to west!

And *I* am definitely e***d! I told him I would just move into his
garage for a month or so, when the weather cools off, and use it as a
starting point for meeting and visiting all of you on the west
coast!!!!! :)

woohoo! Earthquakes or not, I can't wait!!!

don't spook my groove...