OT - :) :) :) RFQ

OT - :) :) :) RFQ

Post by Polly S » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:43:05

Finally something to WooHoo about!


Now if the State Troopers et al will just leave them alone. The Quarter
did not flood. There is no toxic flood to deal with, they are on the
opposite side of New Orleans from Lake Ponchartrain (next to the
Mississippi River) and their electricity is coming back on.


I was ready to offer free domain space and site design/maintenance to
the registrant/owner of rebuildthefrenchquarter.com (or register and
donate it myself).

Someone registered on Sept.2nd... and is now trying to sell it for
$20,000. I did send him a not-so-nice email. :)

don't spook my groove...


OT - :) :) :) RFQ

Post by mermaidscove_co » Mon, 12 Sep 2005 22:45:33

There was an article on Yahoo yesterday about a white supremacist that
had registered a bunch of charity names and was taking contributions to
rescue white folks only, they stopped it. What a world. I went through
the San Francisco earthquake and that brought out the best in people
but I guess it's not always that way. Glad you gave 'em a piece of your